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[Picture info.: Catherine Silver (center) next to Patricia T. Clough (right) surrounded by students and faculty.]

Personal Statement-Academic:  

I was trained as a sociologist getting my Ph.D from Columbia University in 1970.  I came from France after receiving a Masters degree from the Sorbonne (Paris) and being awarded a Fulbright Fellowship. After a year at Columbia University and working at the Bureau of Applied Social Research, I decided that New York was the place where I belonged.  New York became my home.  I taught sociology and socio-psychoanalysis at Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center of the City University of New York from 1971-2007.

I was involved in feminist issues and the women’s movement directing for several years the Women's Studies Program at Brooklyn College and for a short period the Center for the Study Women and Society at the Graduate Center.  I was trained to do historical analysis as well as quantitative work. I have continued to do both types of research all through my academic career.  I taught Social Theory, Gender and Family, sociology of medicine, feminist research, work and organization, the sociology of aging, and psychoanalytic sociology (see attached course outlines).


Current Research:

 -Interviewing social theorists to assess the role of psychoanalysis in theory construction and research. In collaboration with Professor Lynn Chancer


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