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"Paranoid and Institutional Responses to the Use of Psychoanalysis Among Early Sociologists: A Socio-Psychoanalytic Interpretation." (Sent for Review to the Journal of the History of Behavioral Sciences.)

Traumatic Memories and the Need to Punish: the Case of the Israeli Boycott (2008)

Womb Envy: Loss and Grief of the Maternal Body (2007)

Making Emotional Sense of the Proposed Boycotts against Israeli Academics and Intellectuals (2007)

Leaking Affections (2005)

A Survey of Clinicians' Views About Changes in Psychoanalytic Practice and Theoretical Orientation (2003)

A Scale of Personality Styles Based on DSM-III-R for Investigating Occupational Choice and Leisure Activities (1993)

Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Occupational Choice and Attainment (1990)

Work in progress - Psychodynamic Perspectives on Desire, Power, and Authority in Organizations

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