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    Personal Statement-Therapy:

I have been a psychoanalyst/therapist since 1989.  In treatment, I focus on fears of emptiness, depression, anger, and emotional blocks at work, family and personal relationships.  Equally important, I work to help patients express their creativity and passions. Enhancing a sense of purpose is central to my approach. I use psychodynamic and interactive techniques and dream analysis that free the expression of emotional energies and reduce anxiety.  Each patient is unique and special. Respect for patent’s emotional space is at the core of my open and caring approach to treatment. Regarding fees, I use a sliding scale and have reduced fees for Columbia University students and staff.

I am also a faculty member and training analyst at the National psychological Association for Psychoanalysis. I have been teaching courses on “Resistances”, Cross Cultural Psychoanalysis” and “Psychoanalytic Sociology” (see syllabi under Academic). I write and do research on issues regarding gender, identity, and aging.

I have a private practice in Manhattan and East Hampton (Long Island) using traditional psychoanalysis techniques as well as face to face psychotherapy I am willing to do phone sessions when necessary and I am friendly to working through Skype especially for individuals who live in communities with little or no access to therapists.


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